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The benefits that ACUS Tanks provide are:

  • More than 15 years of experience building tanks in Australia and overseas.  Engineers have got a large experience designing and making tanks.
  • Prices very competitive.
  • Tanks have got four anticorrosive systems: the anodes system, the liner that avoid water contact to the metal, the Galvabond or Zincalume material and the coat of Colourbond, and the basement and Ring Beam of concrete that avoid the metal contact the soil moisture.
  • We use the best material and the most advanced technology for long lasting tanks. STEEL and Liner WATER TANKS.
  • We manufacture tanks under the client specifications.
  • The liner is the most strong and healthy liner for a secure and healthy water storage tank.
  • We make tanks to storage potable water, fire water, hot water, oil, chemicals, combustible, and other liquids.

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ACUS Construct custom built tanks to your ""footprint" size. (If it is physically possible).

ACUS have many years of experience and take pride in their work.


ACUS always pride in the fact that they have an in house engineer that can quickly design steel additions or modifications to you steel equipment.

  • square or recetangular tanks
  • Power Station
  • Very Low tanks
  • Power Station
  • Very Low tanks
  • Tall Tanks
  • Commercial buildings
  • Very tight spaces
  • Camoflagued
  • Safe access to high roof top tanks


Leaking tanks cause major damage. Let AUCS repair them for you.

ACUS also manufacture pipe fittings for tanks to go through concrete walls.

ACUS have years of experience in this area of repairing leaking concrete tanks.


Let ACUS help you at the design stage.

ACUS can supply fire pumps if required for your installation, and fit these pumps.

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