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Water Tank Pumps

ACUS supply a complete water tank and fire pump range. All of our water tank pumps and fire pump products include a two year warranty from the manufacturer (subject to conditions). We believe in quality and long life and our range of pumps have been selected for this very reason.

It is absolutely imperative to select water tank pumps that are correct for your tanks. We supply water tank pumps to suit all needs. Domestic tanks in particular require water tank pumps in order to maintain water flow and pressure to the household.

Most Reliable Water Tank Pumps in Perth

We highly recommend pressure water tank pumps as the pump does not always have to start every time the tap is opened. Cheaper water tank pumps start every time the tap is opened and it works on instantaneous pressure drop.

Our pressure pumps allow some time delay as the pressure tank is filled with compressed air which expands when the tap is open, thus keeping pressure up in the pipe.

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 Fire Pump Perth Products

If you are looking for a fire pump for your business, ACUS water specialises in supplying the highest quality, most durable fire pump products on the Australian market today.

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Fire Pump Units by Pumpmaster

We highly recommend Pumpmaster’s fire pump units.

Backed by Australian companies with national distribution, these fire pump units feature:

  • Fast self priming
  • High pressure
  • High flow

These fire pumps also come included with a two year warranty!

Other water tank pumps and fire pump products are available on request.

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